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Onoya is serving hand made soba(buckwheat) noodle locates near Yoyogi-hachiman station.

I ordered Tamago-don, instead of Soba noodle.
Tamago-don is a one dish of various rice bowl dishes.
Rice bowl dishes have been served many Japanese restaurants but these rice bowl dishes at soba noodle restaurant is somewhat different.
I had favourite tamago-don of soba noodle restaurant in my high school years.

Perhaps, I remebered that tamago-don, somewhat


Near Tachikawa Station-South side

At Tachikawa station south gate


The first phase of South side of Tachikawa station redevelopment commpleted on 1999 by opening station building called GRANDUO.
Around 1988, I was a student of small English language school locating south side of Tachikawa station.
Those days, there were still small restaurants and pachinko shop near the station, compared to the north side. At the north side, there were already large building of banks and department sotres. There are relocated now.

New monorail railway system started on Novbember 1998.
Monorail runs East-West direction of Tachikawa Station.
This photo was taken from GRANDUO on February 2005.

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Near Tachikawa station-North side


My home town

This is where I went to junior high school everyday.


This is the shop I bought roses to propose my wife.