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涮羊肉(Pinyin: Shuàn Yángròu)

Flickr Photo Title: 涮羊肉 Lamb Hot Pot
Originally uploaded by Alli Jiang

Flickr Photo Title: SANY1214
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Which one is more popular these days?

Shabu-shabu is Japanese originated dish.
But it is said it's origin is based on 涮羊肉 from China.

When I went to Beijin, I had this 涮羊肉 and I really liked lamb much more than beef
We, Japanse say Shabu-shabu(similar to this type of hot pot) is the best with the high quality beef.
But I would say beef is rather mild compared to lamb.
Lamb was really tasty.

When you go to Beijin or China, try this 涮羊肉 (Pinyin: Shuàn Yángròu).