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Fujioka Ami says...""
Nice view:))

r there in JP ???

p/s: I like hate all : Onigiri and Udon :))
2008.12.02 14:19 | URL | #- [edit]
Hiro says...""
Hi Amy,
I got back to HCM city.
So you do not like Onigiri and Udon, do you?

Uodon is made from rice flower and similar to Pho or Bun nudle.
It is sticker than Pho or Bun.
You probably did not like Udon soup that is made of fish soupe and soy source.
I like Vietnamese foods as well as Japanese foods.
I hope you will have another chance to try more Japanese foods1
2008.12.02 22:33 | URL | #UfGOED5s [edit]

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