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Anne says...""
I have spent much longer than I initially intended looking at your lovely pictures. Thanks for posting your view of HCMC.
2010.01.17 13:22 | URL | #- [edit]
Hiro says...""
Thank you for your comment.
Have you been to Vietnam?

People in Vietnam are always full of life.
If I have chance I would like to take more portrait photo.
2010.01.17 14:47 | URL | #UfGOED5s [edit]
Anne says...""
Yes Hiro, I live here now, I agree, Vietnam is in envigorating and exciting place to be. I have a little blog too, maybe you will enjoy seeing my view of Vietnam
2010.01.18 08:04 | URL | #- [edit]
Hiro says...""
Thank you for instroducing your blog.
I enjoyed your entry very much.
I miss Guiness as well.
2010.01.18 12:02 | URL | #UfGOED5s [edit]

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