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Izakaya Sumodori


Izakaya is general term of Japanese style pub.
Izakaya by Wikipedia

Sumodori is this shop's unique name combined with Sumo(Japanese wrestling) and Tori(bird).
Somewhat, the owner must be a fan of Sumo wrestling.
They even say Beaujolais Nouveau has arrived.

This place locates near Kasugabaru railway station, Fukuoka, where is my home town.

Read more for what we had.

Interior of the shop.
There are some Sumo wrestling related goods have been displayed, like Sumo wrestler's calendar...

These are called Tsukidashi for 2 people.
Tsukidshi(or Otoushi) is a small free appetizer served by the izakaya.
They will be brought as soo as we order something.
It will go excellent with first drinks.
One is sardine cooked with sweet say source and the other one is fried shrimp.

This is pickled shallots called Rakkyou, our small order but not free tsukidashi.
You can get at Ho Chi Minh, too.

Yakitori(grilled chicken skewers) with tare source.

Another yakitori with salt.
This case the meat is pork.

At my home town area, Fukuoka, yakitori is served with fresh cabbage leaves poured sweet and sour say source.
This is particularly refreshing and delicious when you are eating meat.

Ikasashi (squid sashimi)

Umani(horse meat cooked with sweet say source)
First time I had this.
Horse meat is less juicer than beef.
May be similar to Vietnamese beef.

Yaki-onigiri chazuke (Ochazuke with grilled rice ball)
They put Onigiri into Chazuke
Chazuke by Wikipedia
Onigiri by Wikipedia

Yaki-onigiri is a variation of onigiri. It is grilled rice ball.
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