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Introducing Vietnam related new site

My friends created the site called "lilVN" and soft-launched today.
This is the site for not only expats or people who are interested about Vietnam, but off course for Vietnamese people living in Vietnam or foreign countries, too.

Please visit the site and share your story for anything about Vietnam.



District 2 over the Saigon river


I wonder when they start construction work of this area.
It seems there are so many different development plan.

Google Photo Search of "Thủ Thiêm development"

Wetland Ecosystems and Development and Vietnam | Sustainable Cities Collective
Thủ Thiêm, a 737 hectare wetalnd site on the edge of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is to be completely transformed into HCMC’s new central business district, incorporating a new international airport and port facilities serving the Dồng Nai River. Is this a good idea?


High-rise residential buildings at Bình Thạnh district.